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Regular users 

The hirer will need to supply a Certificate of Insurance to satisfy Public Liability 

The hirer will need to demonstrate up-to-date PAT certificates

The hirer will need to confirm appropriate DBS checks have been carried out if the hirer is working with people under 16 years old.

All Users

  • The Studios and facilities listed are NOT available for hire to young adult (16 to 30) birthday parties or any unsupervised discos.

  • The hire of studios is for the specific agreed times shown on the booking confirmation and does not allow the hirer to use or enter the premises at any other time.  The hirer is responsible for ensuring that sufficient time is included in their booking for setting up and clearing away.

  • The premises shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which permission has been specifically granted.

  • Sub-letting is not allowed under any circumstances.

  • Smoking, including E-cigarettes, is not permitted in or around our buildings. It is against the law to smoke in any ‘enclosed’ or ‘substantially enclosed’ public space.

  • Bouncy castles, barbecues, smoke machines used by professional discotheques, and/or fireworks are not permitted under any circumstances.

  • Hires MUST ensure that any electrical equipment brought by them to the premises and used are safe and in good working order and recently PATested.

  • Hires are responsible for fire safety in the hall during their period of hire.  The named hirer must familiarise themselves with the Fire Exits for the building and ensure access to them is maintained at all times. Information on will be sent in the confirmation email.

  • Any items left in the halls are left at the owner’s own risk.  Starburst Property will not accept any responsibility for any items left/stored in the halls.

  • The Village Hall has a 1.8-meter height barrier at the entrance. Please contact Starburst in advance if you would like to arrange entry for vehicles over this height.

  • Starburst Property reserves the right to refuse hire to certain individuals, organisations or particular functions.

  • Alcohol sales must only be undertaken by Starburst Studios, who will supply and run a paid bar at request.

  • Starburst Studios reserve the right to ask for age ID before sale is authorised.

  • Starburst have the right to refuse to sell alcohol to anyone if they deem it inappropriate

  • Only alcohol purchased and manged by Starburst Studios is allowed to be sold at the event 

  • Hires will be required to place a deposit.  This will be refunded, when your booking ceases, provided you have paid any outstanding invoices and there is no damage to the building, its fixtures and fittings.

  • Accepted methods of payment are Card (Online)/in person or bank transfer to:

    • Starburst Property

    • Account number: 44140214

    • Sort code: 40-22-26

    • Reference: Users/group name


  • All charges may be subject to review at any time and hirers will be advised a minimum period of one month in advance.

  • The cost of any extra cleaning or damage expenses will be added to your invoice/deducted from the deposit in appropriate cases.

  • Invoices of hire will be sent in advance.

    • Casual users must pay 14 days before their event is due.

    • Regular users will be invoiced monthly

    • Regular users must pay within 14 days upon receipt of invoice.

  • Failure to settle accounts as stated on the invoice, may result in the cancellation of all bookings and exclusion from future use.

  • Any cancellations/amendments to bookings must be notified to us in writing or email at least 7 days prior to the cancellation/amendment.

  • Anyone cancelling the booking within this period will still be required to pay for the hire of the hall.


    • Dustpan, brushes and brooms are available in the halls, any other cleaning equipment must be brought with you

    • If you use mugs, plates etc, please wash up and put away, before you depart the event


Failure to comply with these conditions could result in the cancellation of your booking.

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